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December 2023


10 AM Onwards


Sumant Moolgaokar Auditorium,

No. 1 (A Wing, Ground Floor) ICC Trade Tower, SB Road, Pune

In the ever-changing world of business today, family businesses encounter a distinctive array of obstacles and prospects. Our upcoming event seeks to examine the pivotal significance of cross-generational teamwork in maintaining and expanding family businesses. This informative event will explore the inner workings, approaches, and triumphs of family businesses on a global scale, emphasizing the promotion of harmonious cooperation among various generations within these organizations. We will cover essential topics like leadership transition, innovation, communication, and conflict resolution, offering practical insights and expert guidance to enable family businesses to prosper across multiple generations.

Key Discussion Points


Strategies for seamless leadership transitions to ensure continuity and adaptability in family businesses.


How family businesses can foster innovation and embrace change to stay competitive in evolving markets.


Strategies for improving intergenerational communication and collaboration within family enterprises.


Techniques for addressing conflicts and disagreements constructively.


Balancing tradition and innovation to uphold the core values and legacy of the family business while pursuing growth and diversification.

Eminent Speakers


Mr. Parthiv Kamdar


Ms. Meghana Mulye

Joint Managing Director of Poona Couplings Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Vinod Paratkar

Indo-Asean Business Advisory (IABA)

Dr. Nilesh Khare

Board Advisor. Executive Coach. Startup Mentor. Founder – Enableance

Dr. Sandeep Pachpande


ASM Group of Institutes

Mr. Rahul Jain​


InnoServ Group

Objective Of The Event

To Empower Family-Owned Businesses

To Foster Networking and Connections

To Promote Best Practices and Learning

To Recognize Emerging Family Businesses

To Position as a Thought Leadership Platform

To Enhance Collaboration and Partnerships

To Create Awareness and Visibility

To Provide a Platform for Dialogue and Engagement

Why to Attend?

Empower Next-Gen Leaders: NGI Family Business Forum empowers

future leaders to lead their family businesses confidently, providing

skills and knowledge for success.

Address Succession Challenges: Explore challenges of leadership transition in family businesses, offering insights and strategies for a smooth transfer of responsibilities.

Foster Innovation & Entrepreneurship: The event inspires innovation and entrepreneurial thinking in family businesses, leveraging emerging trends and technologies for growth.

Succession Planning & Governance: Focus on effective governance structures and strategies, nurturing the next generation of leaders in family businesses.

Facilitate Peer Networking: The forum connects like-minded successors, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing for a supportive community and potential partnerships.

Professional Development: Enhance skills with workshops and interactive sessions on finance, marketing, HR, legalities, and strategic planning for family business owners and teams.

Who Should Attend?

  1. Next-Generation Family Business Owners Young individuals actively involved in their family businesses, as owners or future leaders.

  2. Family Business Successors and Heirs Individuals transitioning into leadership roles in their family businesses.

  3. Young Professionals in Family Businesses Employees seeking to improve their skills and understanding of family business dynamics.

Agenda of the Event


Our Partners


Community Partners


Branding Sponsorship and Speaker Opportunities

Mr. Nayaneesh Deshpande

+91 9561097096

Ms. Anushka Kadam

+91 7058386589

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